BGMI Ban : Government Bans BGMI Under the IT Act 

BGMI Ban is sad news for all the fans in India. Recently, it has been revealed that the government has banned the game. 

On 28 July 2022, Battlegrounds Mobile India got removed from the Google Play Store and the Apple App Store. No official announcements came.

On 29 July, the in-game purchases were not available. The game is still playable for most players, while some are facing server errors.   

Later on, news came that the government has decided to ban the game to ensure data security. 

BGMI Ban Under the IT Act :

The government of India banned BGMI under the IT Act. It is the same act that threw away PUBG Mobile along with 52 other Chinese apps.

The government has the authority to censor any content under Section 69A of the IT Act if doing so is necessary for maintaining public order, national security, the sovereignty and integrity of the nation, or friendly relations with other nations.

This clearly means that there are security concerns which led to this decision. Krafton is still resolving the matter. However, this time it looks quite difficult for the game to return anytime soon. 

Krafton has been putting so much effort into the industry ever since the game launched. After the PUBG Mobile ban, it took a year to re-launch the game. 

Krafton has set up an Indian subsidiary as “Krafton India” along with new Indian servers. Players could team up with only Indian players, ensuring no data infringement. The dev team also removed blood-shed effects & some outfits from the game. 

However, it seems like Krafton has failed to maintain the security of Indian gamers’ personal information. 

In conclusion, the return of BGMI seems next to impossible. With this, recently launched Apex Legends Mobile may gain some attention in India. 
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