BGMI Cheaters

BGMI Cheaters – Krafton will take Strict Actions to Ensure Fair Gameplay

In the past few days, the number of cheaters in BGMI has increased. On September 30, 2021, Krafton officially made another announcement. They said that they will ban all the BGMI cheaters.

New Updates from Krafton: 

BGMI Team has permanently banned more than 1.52 million accounts till date. They are working on modernizing their systems.

The post says that they understand the frustration of honest gamers and will take strict actions against BGMI cheaters.

  1. Krafton keeps a strict check on the leaderboards.
  2. They will ban cheaters who used cheats for Rank push.
  3. Players who cheated in the past but not now will be banned. 
  4. If anyone advertises the sale of illegal programs and cheats through in-game profile images, or distributes illegal program usage videos, promotional videos/images on other websites, Krafton will take strong measures such as permanent suspension of use in the game and closing of channels.

Also, the company takes user reports seriously, so keep reporting.

It only takes a second, and it helps you, another player and BGMI as a game, all of them in one go.

Krafton will soon clear all the cheaters of the game.

BGMI Cheaters:

Players are facing hackers/cheaters every now and then in each game. Most of these cheaters are using ESP, Aimbots, auto-aim and speed boost hacks. 

Due to this all honest players get frustrated and all the gameplay spoils. 

Moreover, esports players like Naman ‘Mortal’ Mathur, Tanmay ‘Scout’ Singh and Jonathan ‘Jonathan’ Amaral expressed their disappointment regarding the issue. 

  1. Cheaters hinder their gameplay during live streams.
  2. They make BGMI Content Creation difficult.
  3. They stop new talents who work hard to get into the esports world.

In contrast, some of these hackers are ranking at the top of the server leaderboards! 

But now, hopefully the game will be free from cheaters. 

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