BGMI Crate Coupon Pricing

Krafton Makes Changes in BGMI Crate Coupon Pricing

The BGMI Crate Coupon system will get some significant changes on November 19. Krafron has changed the pricing and coupon scrap requirements. 

After the update, new coupons will arrive in the game. Moreover, players will be able to exchange the old crate coupons with the new ones. 

They can exchange them from the events tab in the game.

BGMI Crate Coupon : Pricing

Price Changes:

  • Premium Crate Coupon – Krafton reduced its price from 120 UC to 60UC
  • Classic Crate Coupon – Reduced price from 120 UC to 60UC

However, the Supply Crate Coupon isn’t applicable in these price changes.

Changes in Scraps Required to Combine :

 Premium Crates give pretty skins and outfits to the players. Certainly, every BGMI Fan loves opening them.

In contrast, now Krafton has reduced the number of scraps required to combine. Now players can combine just 5 Premium Crate Scraps instead of 10.

This means more premium crates! In addition, more outfits, accessories and skins!

Also, the remaining crates will require the same number of scraps. (10 Scraps = 1 crate)

Exchange Ratio of BGMI Crate Coupon :

Krafton also provided the exchange ratio between old and new crate coupons. 

Premium Crate Coupon12
Classic Crate Coupon12
Supply Crate Coupon 11
Premium Crate Coupon Scrap 11
Classic Crate Coupon Scrap12
Supply Crate Coupon Scrap 11

Krafton has also changed the BGMI Crate Coupon icons and the Scrap icons. All these changes will apply along with the 19 November update.

(Image Cr: Krafton)

Moreover, a new Rank season, C1S3, will start on November 19. Also, the New Royal pass is around the corner. 

In contrast, RPM 5  is named  ‘Mirror Realm ’ with a new mode launching in the game. Also, the mode is called ‘Mirror World Mode’. Its theme is based on Arcane, a Netflix animated series.

This marks the collaboration of BGMI and Arcane. Therefore, keep collecting coupons and scraps for the upcoming rewards.

To sum up, the price changes in the BGMI Crate Coupon System is great news for players. Now they can have more premium crates in the game.

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