Battlegrounds Mobile India: BGMI Early Access Finally Available Now

BGMI early access is now available on the Google Play Store. Krafton gave this early access to limited players for feedback. Moreover, Krafton’s brand new game is all set to launch this week.  

The early access version came on May 17, 2021, in the early morning. The final version will possibly launch tomorrow.

BGMI Early Access

The beta version of bgmi is now available. However, access is restricted to a small number of people in order to assure quality gameplay. 

Throughout the day, an increasing number of Early Access slots will become available.

(Image Cr: Krafton)

 The early access link will remain the same as it was before.

Battlegrounds Mobile India:

BGMI is Krafton’s brand new game specific to Indian players. As we know, PUBG mobile was banned due to security concerns. Therefore Krafton decided to make BGMI. 

Just like the Korean Version, there is no blood-shed in the game. The damage effect has two colours – green and yellow. However, the global version has a red effect.

In addition, the data transfer from the global version’s ID is now possible. There comes a notification in the game about the data transfer.

The entire inventory including the outfits, skins and specific characters shall be retrieved. Players will get in-game currency UC, BP, AG and Silver from their global ID. 

If they make any purchases in the early access version, then the same would reflect in the final version.

Battlegrounds Mobile India Policy:

Krafton has made clear policies for Battlegrounds Mobile India. They will make sure to keep player information secured.

Children below 18 years of age need to take permission from their parents for the game. Also, there are limits applied on the game purchases using money.

In conclusion, the most-awaited game has finally arrived. Many streamers are now playing the game. The audience too, is excited for it. Also, we shall get to watch BGMI esports very soon.

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