BGMI Emergency Pickup feature

PUBG Mobile and BGMI Emergency Pickup feature: Everything You Need To Know

PUBG Mobile and BGMI emergency pickup feature has been trending on the internet since yesterday. Players are expecting it to release soon for PUBG Mobile and BGMI. 

Krafton released emergency pickup earlier this year for the PC and Console versions of the game. However, Krafton introduced this new feature in the beta version Game for Peace, the Chinese variant of PUBG Mobile.

All the new features that come to Game for Peace eventually come to the global version of the game, PUBG Mobile. So, we can expect this feature to release in PUBG Mobile and BGMI soon. 

PUBG Mobile and BGMI Emergency Pickup explained

The new PUBG Mobile and BGMI Emergency Pickup feature will allow the players to move towards the center of the Safe Zone quickly. 

After using the Emergency pickup, the player releases a Fulton Balloon in the air. When the Balloon reaches the maximum height, an airplane will arrive within 60 seconds. In this period, up to four players can hook to the rope of Fulton Balloon. When the plane reaches the Fulton balloon, it catches it and moves towards the center of the Safe Zone.

Moreover, the item’s description reads, “When the Emergency Pickup is deployed, a Fulton Balloon is released from its bag. When the balloon is fully inflated and high up in the air, an airplane will arrive in 60 seconds. During this time, up to a maximum of 4 players can attach themselves to the Fulton Balloon rope. Once that plane arrives, it catches the Balloon, hoists up the players, and makes its way towards the center of the Safe Zone.”

PUBG Mobile and BGMI Emergency Pick-up feature will arrive soon. However, this new feature will affect the competitive scene of the game a lot. Besides, it will be exciting to see how players use this new feature to their benefit.

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