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BGMI Esports Announced Their Sponsors for 2022 

BGMI Esports have announced their sponsors for the year 2022. Krafton has planned four official esports events this year. These events will be backed by two official sponsors. 

Loco and iQOO will be the sponsors for all the events this year.

BGMI Esports Sponsors :

Loco, one of the top live streaming platforms in India, has partnered with Krafton. With this, all BGMI Esports tournaments will go live on Loco also.

Loco will be the ‘Powered By’ sponsor of these events.  

In the past few months, BGMI viewership on Loco has grown a lot. Many esports events have gained millions of views on it. So Krafton will be able to gain a wider audience with Loco. 

iQOO is a Chinese smartphone manufacturing company. Moreover, iQOO is famous for making phones specifically for gamers. It will be the ‘Title Sponsor’ for BGMI Esports for the second time. 

Last year, iQOO was the only official sponsor for BGIS. The Battlegrounds Mobile India Series (BGIS) was Krafton’s first tournament in India.  

BGMI Tournaments 2022 :

Krafton is ready to host the following events this year –

  1. BMOC
  2. BMPS Season 1
  3. BGIS 
  4. BMPS Season 2
Image Via Krafton

The overall prize pool of all these events is 6 Crore INR. 

Esports for this year have already started with BMOC. The online qualifiers are live now and soon the next event BMPS S1 will begin. 

Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series (BMPS) will begin on 19 May along with top 24 teams from BMOC. The prize pool will be 2 Crore INR. The season 1 of BMPS would end on 19 June 2022. 

Soon BGIS will start. However, Krafton has not revealed the details of further events. We may hear more announcements in June 2022.

To sum up, all these esports events will be huge and Krafton will gain a bigger audience watching these events on Loco.    

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