BGMI Freedom Face Off

BGMI Freedom Face Off: Team Encore Wins the event

BGMI Freedom Face Off event concluded today. It was Krafton’s second invitational event. With an amazing clash between top esports teams of India, the event came to an end. Team Encore is the champion of the event.

BGMI Freedom Face Off: Winner

Team Encore won the BGMI Freedom Face Off event with 37 points with a Chicken Dinner. Moreover, they secured 16 finish points. 

Team Scout came second with 36 points and 18 finishes. Also, they got a chicken dinner.

In contrast, Team Jonathan came third. They got 28 points and 15 finishes.

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Besides the two classic matches, there were two more fun matches. These were a Pan fight and a Fist Fight. 

Team Encore won the Pan Fight and Team. On the other hand, Team Shreeman Legend won the Fist Fight. 

These fights were really crazy and entertaining.

Image Via Esports91

Prizes :

The event had a massive prize pool of Rs 1,50,000.

1st Position – Rs 85,000

2nd Position – Rs 40,000 

3rd Position – 25,000

Pan Fight Winner – Rs 30,000

Fist Fight Winner – Rs 30,000


The following 16 teams participated in the event –

  1. Team Dynamo
  2. Kanika 
  3. Shreeman Legend
  4. Kaztro
  5. Vaadhi
  6. Hastar
  7. Nova
  8. Encore
  9. Jonathan 
  10. Kronten
  11.  Scout
  12. Snax
  13. Payal
  14. Ghatak
  15. Mamba
  16. Godnixon

Team Scout won the first match of the day, which was played in Erangel. With 15 kills, the team, which included professional players like Pukar and Ninja, easily won the match.

Meanwhile, Team Kanika took second place in this match with 12 kills, while Team GodNixon took third place with two finishes.

The second match was in FPP Mode. With 11 finishes, Team Encore won the match. 

Team Jonathan again performed admirably and came in second place. The team had a total of 11 finishes. 

Moreover, with seven finishes, Team Hastar came in third place in this match. However, this time, team Scout was the first to finish,scoring four points.

Maps/Matches :

  1. Erangle
  2. Sanhok
  3. Fist Fight 
  4. Pan Fight

In conclusion, this was an amazing event. A huge audience enjoyed watching the stream. Moreover, Krafton will organise such events in future. Also, BGIS is on its way to entertain us!

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