BGMI Ganesh Chaturthi Event

BGMI Ganesh Chaturthi Event: Everything You Need to Know

BGMI Ganesh Chaturthi Event is live now. Players can complete some simple missions to get rewards. The rewards include AG, coupon scraps and a T-Shirt.


The BGMI Ganesh Chaturthi Event begins on September 8, 2021 and ends on September 22. However, these missions must be completed in a limited time.

Following are the event details and rewards –

8/09/2021 TO 15/09/2021:

Mission: Swim 10 metres in classic mode.

Reward: 50 AG

This mission will refresh everyday. So, you can earn 50 AG each day till September 15. 

This is an important mission, as it gives you AG. You can save AG and purchase cool outfits from the shop.

All you have to do is simply jump into the battlegrounds in Classic Mode. Then go to any location that has water and swim 10 metres.

8/09/2021 TO 22/09/2021 :

You have more time for the following missions. So, squad-up! And play Classic Matches with your friends.

  1. Mission: Play Classic Mode 20 Times

Reward: 3x Supply Crate Coupon Scrap

  1. Mission: Play Classic Mode 40 Times

Reward: 7x Supply Crate Coupon Scrap

  1. Mission: Play Classic Mode 60 Times

Reward: Wild Elephant Shirt

If you play BGMI daily, you will be able to join 60 matches during the event time. If you play 5-6 matches daily then these missions will be easily completed.

Recently, Krafton brought the Independence Day event. It was an event with simple missions and amazing rewards. 

Other Updates:

Yesterday, Krafton responded to some common questions through their official website. Some major ones are –

  • A new anti-cheat system is applied.
  • Currently there are no plans for a BGMI emulator version.
  • Bonus Challenge & Prime  Subscription shall open soon. 
  • They are reviewing Hindi Voice Pack &  BP Shop.

To sum up, Krafton keeps on bringing such amazing events. Moreover, they bring special rewards during Indian Festivals. So don’t miss out on them.

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