BGMI in Asian Games 2022

BGMI in Asian Games 2022 to be Played in FPP, Says Scout

BGMI in Asian Games 2022 will be an esports title. Scout said that all these matches will be in FPP mode. 

On a recent stream, Scout talked about BGMI Esports becoming FPP (first person perspective) mode, which will make it even more difficult. 


As we know, the number of FPP players in India is very low. Even the esports players play only the TPP mode.

Despite the fact that the audience loves TPP mode, the Asian Games 2022 will have only FPP matches.

Scout said that the FPP tournaments will start very soon in our country. “The TPP-Chapter of BGMI will end”, he added.

This also means that Indian teams will have to practice FPP a lot to perform at the Asian Games. 

Image Via Asian Games

Meanwhile, Novaking and his other teammates were discussing the aim-assist feature. Krafton has turned off this feature in BGIS. 

PUBG Mobile has also disabled this feature from the competitive scenario by changing the custom room settings. 

In addition, the sound visualisation feature, that shows vehicle-marks and footsteps on the mini map, is now off. 

This makes a harcore lobby in esports events. It becomes even more difficult for the players to know their enemy’s location.


When the news came of PUBG Mobile being an esports title, Krafton announced to develop a new version for the game. 

This version will be specific to the Asian countries. Players can enjoy and practice this version on PUBG Mobile first, as well as BGMI.   

In conclusion, BGMI in Asian Games 2022 will be a tough game. But the Indian esports players are known for their exceptional performance. They will perform and win, no matter how hard the game becomes.

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