BGMI Lan Event

Nodwin Gaming To Host A BGMI Lan Event Later This Month 

According to recent leaks, Nodwin Gaming plans to host a BGMI Lan event later this month. Furthermore, Nodwin Gaming is planning to air the tournament live on Television.

Nodwin Gaming is a esports media organization. It leads the industry in various games with a variety of online and offline contests. It organizes high-profile international and esports tournaments across Southeast Asia.

Nodwin Gaming To Host A BGMI Lan Event in June 

The leaks reveal that Nodwin Gaming will host a BGMI Lan tournament in India, starting on the 20th and ending on the 17th of July. 

The leaks also reveal that the tournament will feature a prize pool of at least INR 1 Crore. Also, Nodwin Gaming will air the tournament live on Television. Moreover, the tournament will feature the top 24 Indian BGMI teams. However, the leak does not mention whether the tournament will be invite-only or it will have qualifiers. 

Given the tournament commencement and end dates, we speculate that the tournament will have qualifiers, and every eligible team will be able to participate in the championship. It will be the first Esports tournament to be aired on Television ever in India. Furthermore, we speculate that Nodwin Gaming will air the tournament on MTV, given the past history of Nodwin Gaming and MTV. 

Nodwin Gaming has been a major part of the Indian Gaming industry for years. It has played a major role in the development of Esports and Gaming in India. It has fostered multiple games like CSGO, PUBG Mobile, Valorant, BGMI, and more. 

The hype for BGMI is at its peak, and a BGMI lan event will pique the hype even more. It will be exciting to see how this event turns out. Given the dates, Nodwin Gaming won’t take much time for the announcement of the tournament. All the teams, players, and fans are thrilled, excited, and looking forward to this event. 

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