BGMI Masters Series

BGMI Masters Series Week 3 Day 3 : Overall Standings & Day 4 Details

BGMI Masters Series is about to reach its finals. Week 3 will be the decider for the finalists of the event

After some intense fights, the overall points table has been almost finalised. On day 4, we may observe a few ups and downs in the points of the top teams.

However, it will be the final call for the bottom 8 teams. They will have to perform well in order to qualify for the finals. 

BGMI Masters Series Points Table :

Currently, 24 teams have been fighting in 3 groups in a round robin format. The points table for after Week 3 Day 3 is as follows –

There is a close fight between Chemin Esports and Team XO to come on the top. Meanwhile, Team X Spark, Godlike Esports and Team Soul are still far from qualifying. 

Fans are hoping for a comeback from their favourite team, but at this time, it will be tough. Day 4 matches begin on 7 July, 8 pm IST. 

Week 3 Finals :

BGMI Masters Series finals for Week 3 will be live between 8th – 10th July 2022. Teams will play a total of 12 matches.  

The week 1 points and the weekly finals’ points will together decide the league standings. The teams with the highest points will advance to the grand finals. 

Grand Finals (13th-17th July 2022) :

In the Grand Finals, the 16 teams will fight in the same lobby. A total of 20 matches will be played in 5 days.

It will be quite interesting to watch which teams conquer the lobby to reach the finals. So the day 4 and the weekly qualifier will be very important for every team.  

To sum up, watching the Grand Finals on TV will be super fun. So don’t forget to watch these iconic matches!

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