BGMI New Map Santorini

BGMI New Map Santorini : An 8 Vs 8 TDM Map to Arrive Very Soon

BGMI New Map Santorini will arrive in the upcoming update. Many data miners have shared some leaks about this upcoming map. 

Many YouTubers found the map in the beta version of the game. However, Krafton is yet to make an official announcement for the actual version.


Santorini features an 8 Vs 8 Team-DeathMatch. However, BGMI has only 4vs4 TDM Matches till now. 

The new Santorini Map will give a new experience as it has more players. Moreover, the finish target is higher this time. The team that gets 80 finishes will win the match.

The map seems to be bigger than the existing maps – the Warehouse and the Hanger. These are very small maps which players play till 40 finishes or for 10 minutes.

Image Via YouTube : LuckyMan

Santorini is a map with a vibrant look, similar to the locations near the seas. ‘Santorini’ is actually a beautiful location in Greece and the map seems to be inspired by it. 

The area in the map is more like big houses or castle-like. 

Hanger was introduced a few months back and has containers on it. The Ruins (TDM) has a larger area. It improves the reflexes of a player as they spawn at different locations.


BGMI New Map will have more intense fights due to more players and the locations. Usually TDMs are for improving close-range fights. But this time it will bring a thrilling experience.

Also, players might wonder how they can invite 8 friends in the lobby at a time. There is space for only 4 players at present. However, for Santorini, there may be 4 random teammates. 

Possibly, Krafton may allow 8 players at a time specially for this map. The map will arrive in the BGMI Update 1.8. 

To sum up, the BGMI Update 1.8 will bring a lot of new things and the new Santorini will be the best part of it!

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