BGMI OTP Authentication

BGMI OTP Authentication : Krafton Initiates Responsible Gaming

BGMI OTP Authentication will now be a compulsory step for minors, before playing the game. Krafton came up with the ‘Game Responsibly’ initiative today so that players have a healthy game-life balance.

As we know that continuous gaming has adverse effects on physical, as well as mental health. Therefore, Krafton wants the gamers to take a break and be there in the real world moments too. 

Krafton released a short film creating awareness about healthy gaming habits. The film showed how sometimes we are so busy gaming that we forget our family and friends. And how we are so indulged into the game that we use those character dialogues in the real world. 

Also, some gamers are so badly influenced that they hardly ‘look up’ into the real world. This is a sad thing to see.

But now, parents don’t have to worry so much about it. Now they can keep a track of time for gaming. Minors can now play BGMI for at most 3 hours a day. 

BGMI OTP Authentication :

Before they begin playing for the first time, all players under the age of 18 must register with a parent or guardian. After receiving an OTP to the registered person’s phone number, the child will be able to play the game.

Gameplay Limits :

BGMI now has a strict gameplay limit of 3 hours for minors. This tells that gaming is an activity under moderation. 

Daily Spend Limits :

Krafton has also put limits on daily purchases. Now players cannot spend more than Rs 7000 daily. 

Measures along with BGMI OTP Authentication:

BGMI OTP Authentication alone isn’t enough. So Krafton is taking some more measures.

  • Warning Message of Virtual World
  • Break Time Reminder
  • Graphics Moderation

Gamers have to learn certain things in order to play responsibly. To sum up, this is a great initiative of Krafton.    

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