BGMI OTP login authentication: Everything you need to know.

In the support section of the official website of BGMI, Krafton has added “Rules regarding OTP Authentication.” This section answers many questions regarding the game. 

Since the game’s announcement, all the fans are excited and eagerly waiting for the game to release. Krafton has done a great job in creating the hype of the game. Moreover, Krafton is just increasing the hype by dropping teasers. 

The fans are eager and can’t wait for the release of the game. However, many fans also have various questions regarding the game. Many content creators have tried to answer few questions. In addition, Krafton updates the support section of BGMI’s official website to answer frequently asked questions by fans.

BGMI OTP authentication

In the support section, the developers added “Rules regarding OTP Authentication.”

Image CR: Krafton

This indicates that players have to link their mobile numbers to their BGMI accounts to log in. Developers have mention all these rules in the support section of BGMI website.

  • How many times a user can enter a Verify code: 3 times
  • Valid time to input a Verify code: 5 minutes
  • How many times a user can request a Verify code: If the user makes 10+ requests, the player is restricted for 24 hour
  • Up to 10 accounts can be registered for a phone number

Besides this, developers haven’t mentioned anything. Moreover, we don’t know whether it is necessary to link a mobile number or not also, whether Krafton will link your mobile number or Google account or both to BGMI account. However, to get the answer to these questions, we have to wait for the game’s release.

The game’s Privacy Policy states that the players under the age of 18 must have consent from their parents or guardian to play the game. So, we speculate that the linking of mobile numbers is to confirm the age of the player.

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