BGMI Superboys Vs Supergirls

BGMI Superboys Vs Supergirls Event Announced by Krafton

BGMI Superboys Vs Supergirls event will be Krafton’s next invitational event. Krafton invites the famous streamers and content creators for a friendly battle. 

From September 29th to September 30th, 2021, the ultimate battle of BGMI streamers will take place. 

It will be broadcast live on Battlegrounds Mobile India’s official YouTube channel. The livestream begins at 4 pm.

BGMI Superboys Vs Supergirls:

Moreover, Krafton revealed some names of streamers who will participate in the event in the video. 

Following streamers/esports players shall compete in the BGMI Superboys Vs Supergirls – The Ultimate Face Off event –

  1. Payal Dhaare (Payal Gaming)
  2. Jonathan “GodL Jonathan” Amaral
  3. Kaashvi Hiranandani (Kash Plays)
  4. Aditya Sawant (Dynamo Gaming)

However, Krafton did not reveal the names of more participants.

 “The time for the ultimate fight on the Battlegrounds is almost here. Fasten your seat belts for thrilling action and face-off that you have never seen before,” BGMI stated on Instagram, sharing the news.  

BGMI Esports:

The company is not only focusing on the esports scenario, but also on the fun events. Also, they have organised some competitive invitational events.

They conducted the BGMI Freedom Face-Off event on the occasion of Independence Day. Also, BGMI X Loco After Party was a fun event with the live streaming platform – Loco.

There were classic matches, fun matches like everyone going to bootcamp and Pan Fights. Pan Fights were super fun.

BGIS -Battlegrounds Mobile India Series is the first official tournament. It has a massive prize pool of Rs 1 Crore. 

But, for now BGIS is getting delayed. It is because of the uncontrollable cheaters in the game. 

Krafton says that they are looking into the matter very seriously. 

To sum up, this event will be another exciting event with our favourite streamers and content creators.

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