Krafton brings “BGMI - The Fall Season Face-Off

Krafton brings “BGMI – The Fall Season Face-Off

Krafton brings BGMI – The Fall Season Face-Off, a new event to Battlegrounds Mobile India. This event will be releasing with the BGMI Patch 1.7.0 this month.

 A total of 18 teams across the country will fight in this two day event. Moreover, Krafton has scheduled the event for the 16th and the 17 of November 2021.

BGMI – The Fall Season Face-Off: Everything You Need to Know

Krafton released a new trailer for the event today on its official Twitter handle. This trailer hints about the upcoming event by Krafton and the BGMI Patch 1.7.0. 

According to the trailer, it seems that Krafton has invited 18 teams of BGMI content creators across India to fight in this event. This event will have a whopping prize pool of ₹4,50,000.

Moreover, the event will last for two days, the 16th and the 17 of November 2021. Currently, we only know this much about the event. For more details, we have to wait for further announcements by Krafton.

Vikendi to discontinue, again, after Patch 1.7.0 

According to the trailer, after this event, Vikendi will be discontinued again. The text in the trailer video reads, “This winter, it’s time for our superheroes to gather together to bid adieu to Vikendi.” This statement indeed clears that Krafton will be discontinuing Vikendi after the event. 

However, this might also mean that Krafton will discontinue Vikendi and introduce Vikendi 2.0, which has been rumored by the community for the past couple of months but has not yet been officially announced. To know what the statement means, we will have to wait for further announcements, or maybe for the event.

BGMI – The Fall Season Face-Off seems to be an exciting event consisting of all the top BGMI content creators from the country. However, Krafton has not yet revealed much information about the event nor about Patch 1.7.0.,

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