BGMI to Bring Back Mega Game Modes, Vikendi Very Soon

BGMI will soon have the Mega Game Modes back. Krafton teased the returning modes on Instagram. In contrast, the Vikendi Map will soon return with new changes. 

In the upcoming update, following modes shall return to the game –

  1. Runic Power
  2. Titans Last Stand
  3. Metro Royale 
  4. Payload 2
  5. Infection Mode
  6. Survive Till Dawn

MEGA Modes:

Runic Power:

Runic Power is one of the most-loved modes which came a few seasons back. It gave players super powers like ESP and building a wall cover. 

Titans Last Stand:

It is another fun event mode which has Godzilla Vs KingKong theme.

Metro Royale :

This mode came along with a collaboration with the famous game Metro Exodus. In this mode, players have a higher health than usual classic modes.

Payload 2:

Payload 2 is a mode with numerous missiles and huge weapons. It has helicopters which players can fly. 

Infection Mode:

This mode is a bit similar to TDM. But, players become zombies and they have to infect other players.

Survive Till Dawn:

This is one of the popular modes of BGMI. In this mode, many zombies appear in the game. 

Moreover, players have to finish opponents as well as zombies. During a certain time period, zombies start damaging a lot.

Also, in the past, Krafton added 2 zombie modes – Survive Till Dawn and Survive Till Dawn 2. Both these modes had zombies, but were different in terms of survival.

BGMI Vikendi Map:

Vikendi is a map all covered with snow. It is returning to the game with some significant changes. 

The new map will be a better version of the old one. There will be more grass and trees, and there will be less snow. It will also have railroads and trains. These trains can be used to travel from one region of the map to another.

In the forthcoming version of Vikendi, the developers have changed several aspects of the game. Dino Park’s territory has been expanded due to its popularity as a drop spot.

Krafton is bringing these mega modes back to BGMI to make it even more fun. Players are waiting for their favourite modes for a long time. Also, Vikendi, one of the most beautiful maps will be back into the competitive scenario too.

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