BGMI Update 1.8

BGMI Update 1.8 to Allow the Players to Revive Underwater

BGMI Update 1.8 is coming with a useful change to the game. Players can now revive their teammates even underwater. This feature is already a part of PUBG: Battlegrounds (pc version). 

It’s name is ‘DBNO’ – Down But No Out. This means the player is knocked but is still in the game and can be saved. 

This feature is exclusive to the latest map, ‘Taego’ and arrived with the 14.2 patch. And finally, this feature is coming to the mobile version to change the game! 


Until now, whenever the players got knocked in the water, they directly got finished. However, they could hide themselves underwater for a while.

After the upcoming BGMI Update 1.8, players will get a revive from their teammate underwater. In contrast, the knocked players will be able to swim and go to the shores.

The update is very helpful for the players as they can take fights in the water-areas. However, this will really change the game experience a lot. 

Image Via Krafton


Krafton will introduce a new Item Shop in the update. It is an in-game shop where players can purchase supplies like meds, ammo and weapons. 

Moreover, they can collect the Golden Coins for exchanging these supplies. Players are already familiar with this feature. The collaboration with Tesla introduced this via event mode. 

Furthermore, the new events also brought the same shops with minor changes. Currently, the BGMI X LoL event is live and has a shop. Players can collect the HexCrystals along with the loot and then purchase certain items.

To sum up, reviving underwater and swimming while a player is down will encourage players to take more fights in water areas. It will change the overall Battle Royale experience! 

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