BGMI Update 2.2

BGMI Update 2.2  : Everything You Need to Know

BGMI Update 2.2 is arriving soon. Despite the ban, the game is still functional. So we might get an update in the coming days. 

The updates/themes or the modes in BGMI will arrive the same as that of PUBG Mobile. The latest update has already arrived in the global Beta version of PUBG Mobile. 

Here’s everything you need to know –

BGMI Update 2.2

The dev team brings some changes to the most popular classic map – Erangel. However, these changes are not under some specific event. We may consider it “Erangel 3.0” with some tiny changes.

The map has an in-game shop system and after the updates, players can fill fuel from the petrol stations using tokens. Some location changes and addition of buildings is also a part of the update. 

New Mountain Bike in Global Beta
(Image Via LuckyMan/Shubh Gamerz YT)

A new dockyard and ships will spawn near the Farm area. 

New Event Mode :

A new Halloween-themed event mode for Erangel is arriving very soon. It will feature some special power-up items –

  1. Supply Scan
  2. Remote Shop
  3. Trace
  4. Lucky Bagpack
  5. Healing Smoke
  6. Vehicle Airdrop
  7. Gliding Doll

Moreover, there will be specific locations in the map which have spooky areas and scary Halloween dolls. It will give you ample loot and the ability to use your chosen skills. 

The vehicles now have storage capacities. So you can store extra vests, healings and more! Storing helmets and vests will give you an advantage in fights. 

In addition, Krafton has solved the recent UC issue of the game. All players have received the UC they purchased earlier. 

To summarise, this new update looks interesting with the new Halloween theme and vehicle storage. However, Krafton may still make some changes as it is not the final update.

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