BGMI Update: Krafton deletes Rules of Conduct from Website

BGMI Update: On the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India, Krafton posted “Rules of Conduct” and then deleted it after a short period. These “Rules of Conduct” would have been effective from the 17th of June. However, developers have deleted these posts now.

Ever since the announcement of Battlegrounds Mobile India, fans have been searching for answers about the game on the internet. The developers frequently update the support section on the website. However, Krafton has removed all the posts from this section.

Krafton is continuously teasing the game to build the hype. Many posts on the official social media handles of Battlegrounds Mobile India tease the game release date. However, deleting all the posts in the support section might be some tease.

BGMI deletes posts from the support section

Few of the BGMI fans spotted a new post in the support section of the game’s official website with the title “Rules of Conduct.” However, after some time, those posts weren’t there. For some reason, developers removed those posts. 

Moreover, one Twitter user tweeted that he saw the “Rules of conduct” on the website. He further added that the post mentioned that the rules were effective from 17-06-2021.

Unfortunately, we do not know the content of the post “Rules of conduct.” However, players can expect that developers will repost these rules on the website soon. 

Besides this, Krafton also removed the OTP authentication log in post. The OTP authentication post had the following rules posted

  • How many times a user can enter a Verify code: 3 times
  • Valid time to input a Verify code: 5 minutes
  • How many times a user can request a Verify code: If the user makes 10+ requests, the player is restricted to a 24 hour
  • Up to 10 accounts can be registered for a phone number

For more details about the BGMI Update, read BGMI OTP login authentication: Everything you need to know.

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