BGMI x Loco After Party

BGMI x Loco After Party: Dates, Teams – Everything You Need to Know

BGMI x Loco After Party is an upcoming invitational event. Krafton is organising it with live-streaming platform – Loco. Don’t miss out on this fun event! Here are the necessary details.

BGMI x Loco After Party:

BGMI x Loco After Party begins on August 25. It shall conclude after four days, that is, on August 29. 

Following teams shall participate in the event –

  • Team Hastar
  • Mamba
  • Kaztro
  • Mavi
  • Scout
  • Viper
  • Thug
  • KaashPlays
  • Hydra Alpha
  • Hrishav
  • Snax
  • Jonathan 

Pro scrims, showdown matches, friendly matches, pan battles, and other events will be held.

They will live stream all the matches on the official facebook and YouTube channel of BGMI. 

Esports Scenario & Anti-Cheat System:

  • Keeping the esports scenario in mind, Krafton still has a lot to do in cheating cases. They must ensure a fair gameplay in esports. 
  • Moreover, the hackers have been unstoppable since the launch. 
  • Recently they took some action against hackers and banned over 2.5 lakh accounts permanently. 
  • However, this anti-hack system isn’t strong enough. Players encounter hackers every now and then. 
  • We really hope that Krafton makes this anti-cheat system stronger. 
  • This is one of the most important factors in esports.

In contrast, BGIS – one the most important tournaments, is on its way. Krafton will have to take care of fair gameplay. The qualifier rounds will begin very soon.

Earlier, Krafton organised The Launch Party. After that, they hosted the BGMI Freedom Face Off event. Both of these events were super fun. Moreover, the audience got to watch their favourite streamers after a long time.

Team Snax won The Launch Party and Team Encore won the Freedom Face Off. Everyone enjoyed the intense fights as well as the crazy pan fights!

Fun in BGMI x Loco After Party will be no less than these events.  

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