CSGO Major 2023

Blast Paris Major 2023 Confirmed by French President Macron

Blast Paris Major 2023 has been confirmed. It will be the first time for organiser Blast to host a CS:GO Major.

Since the past few days, everyone has been speculating Paris for being the next location for 2023 CS:GO Major. However, HLTV did not confirm it when the news came. Later on, Mr Emmanuel Macron, the President of France, confirmed the news.

Macron released a video Tweet on Sunday, revealing that Paris would host BLAST’s CS:GO Major in May. The location for this LAN will be the Accor Arena. 

Furthermore, Blast has announced a massive price pool worth $1,250,000.

Blast Paris Major 2023

Blast Major 2023 will be live between 8-21 May 2022. Moreover, the Qualifiers for the Regional Major Ranking ahead of the event will take place in February and March, and the RMRs themselves will run from April 3-9.

The Paris Major will be the first ever Major in France. Blast, the famous tournament organiser, who hosts big CS:GO events as “Blast Premier” will host this Major on community’s demand.  

In a press release on the official website, BLAST’s CEO, Mr Robbie Douek promised to meet the community’s expectations and deliver “the greatest Major to date.”

The Blog post said –

“BLAST has always had an ambition and dream to be involved in a Major, an event that is rightly viewed as the pinnacle of esports and competitive gaming. We’ve been watching and waiting for the right moment to deliver an unforgettable Major.”

“Next year marks 10 years of Majors and we are highly confident of marking this occasion by delivering the greatest Major to date for CS:GO fans to experience and enjoy. We will be working closely with Valve to ensure we meet and exceed the community’s expectations and deliver an incredible event.”

To sum up, fans will surely witness the greatest Major in the history of CS:GO esports. Blast will reveal more details soon.

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