BMOC 2022

BMOC 2022: Registration, Format, and Other Details

The BMOC 2022 registrations started on the 14th of March. The registration process will last till the 27th of March, and players can register for the championship on Battleground Mobile India’s official website.

Unlike BGIS, each team in BMOC will consist of six players instead of four. All the players must have their BGMI account at atleast level 25 and above Platinum 5 Tier. 

BMOC 2022 Registration

Players can visit Battleground Mobile India’s official website to register for BMOC. Moreover, players must keep all the required details such as the in-game name of all players, character IDs, Adhaar Card soft copy of all the players, and more. Moreover, the BMOC is open for all players, given that the player is eligible to play in the tournament. Follow the below-given steps to register.

  1. Go to Battleground Mobile India’s official website.
  2. Click on the ‘Register’ button.
  3. Fill in all the required details of your team and players and submit.
  4. You will receive a confirmation email of registration on your email. If you want to edit any of the details in the future, you visit the link given in the email. 

BMOC 2022 Schedule

BMOC 2022 start date is the fourth of April, and it will end on the 15th of may. After that, BMPS will start from the 19th of May and end on the 12th of June.

Image Via BGMI

BMOC 2022 Format

The BMOC is set to take place in four rounds after open qualifiers. 

In-game qualifiers: The in-game Qualifiers of BMOC will start on the 4th of April and end on the 10th of April. Each team will have to play 15 matches with the registered players. The top 512 teams from the in-game qualifiers will advance to the first round of BMOC.

Round 1: 512 teams from the in-game qualifiers, divided into 32 groups, will compete in the first round of BMOC. These 32 groups will have to play five matches on specified dates, and the top 8 teams from all the groups will advance to the next round. 

Round 2: The top 256 teams qualified for Round 1, divided into 16 groups, will battle in round 2. All the groups will play five matches on the specified date. However, only the top four teams from each group will advance to the third round.

Round 3: The top 64 teams from Round 2 will compete in round three, divided into four groups. All the groups will play six matches, and the top 8 teams from each group will advance to the fourth round. 

Round 4: Top 32 teams from Round 3 and 32 invited teams, a total of 64 teams, will compete in the fourth and final round of BMOC. These teams will be divided into four groups, and each group will play six matches on given dates, and the top six teams from each group will qualify for the Battlegrounds Mobile India Pro Series.

BMPS 2022 Format

League Stage: The top 24 teams qualified from BMOC, divided into three groups, will fight against each other in a round-robin format. Each group will play a set of 24 Round Robins. The top 16 teams with the highest cumulative points will move forward to the Grand Finals.

Grand Finals: The top 16 teams from League Stage will compete in 24 matches in 4 days. The team with the highest cumulative score after 24 matches will be declared the winner of BMPS 2022.

The BGMI Esports 2022 seems to be full of action, with a ton of new championships coming for all the players. It will be interesting to see how many underdog teams will come into the light during BMOC 2022.

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