BMOC : The Grind – Invited Teams, Schedule and More

Krafton is ready to host its first official of 2022 – BMOC. Before the main event, it will host ‘The Grind’ scrims with 32 invited teams. Here are all the details of ‘The Grind’ –

BMOC The Grind : Teams

Krafton will invite 32 popular teams in India, who will directly play in the main event. Same teams will also be fighting in The Grind.

The 32 teams are divided into 4 groups. Moreover, there are some new teams on the list who won hearts in BGIS 2021. 

Following are the groups for BMOC : The Grind –

Group A

  1. Skylightz Gaming
  2. 7Sea Esports
  3. Global Esports
  4. Team Soul
  5. Chemin Esports
  6. Reckoning Esports
  7. Marcos Gaming
  8. Chicken Rushers

Group B

  1. TSM
  2. 8Bit
  3. FS Esports
  4. Nigma Galaxy
  5. Orangutan
  6. Team Celtz
  7. Big Brother
  8. Hydra Official

Group C

  1. Team XO
  2. OR Esports
  3. Team XSpark
  4. True Rippers
  5. Blind Esports
  6. Inside Out
  7. Team Mayhem
  8. Team Forever

Group D

  1. GodLike Esports
  2. Revenant Esports
  3. Enigma Gaming
  4. R Esports
  5. Team Insane
  6. Hydrabad Hydras
  7. Revenge Esports
  8. Entity Gaming

Schedule & Format :

BMOC : The Grind will be live between 31 March – 17 April. It will have the following stages –

  1. Qualifiers – 31 March – 1 April
  2. League Stage – 7-10 April
  3. Grand Finals – 14-17 April

Firstly, the qualifiers will have all 32 teams in 4 groups. Later on, the top 16 teams will play at the league stage. 

Finally the top 16 teams will fight in the grand finals. Fans can catch the event live on the official YouTube channel of BGMI Esports.


  1. Erangel
  2. Miramar
  3. Sanhok
  4. Erangel 
  5. Miramar  

On the other hand, the registrations for the tournament are over. The in-game qualifiers are starting very soon for all other players. 

Furthermore, there will be 32 invited teams and 32 qualified teams in round 4 of qualifiers. After that, 24 teams will move ahead. 

These teams will play the next event – BMPS which will be live between 19 May – 12 June. 

To sum up, BGMI esports is growing with these big events along with opportunities for new players. 

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