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BMPS Groups, Qualified Teams, Format & More

BMPS Groups are here! Krafton has seeded all the 24 teams into 3 groups for BMPS Season 1. 

BMOC 2022 has ended and we have the best teams ready to fight in the next event. The second official esports event, Battlegrounds Mobile Pro Series S1 is about to begin.

In contrast, the Pro Series will feature a big prize pool of 2 Crore INR. 

BMPS S1 Format :

The Pro Series is starting on May 19 and it will run until June 12. Furthermore, there will only be two stages: the League Stage and the Grand Finals.

This format will be a round robin, which means each group will fight against each other. 

Stage 1: 19 May to 8 June

  • There will be 24 teams in the league stage, divided into three groups.
  • Furthermore, each team will compete in 24 round robins.
  • Each week will feature four game days, with three matches played each day. 
  • So there will be a total of 12 matches per week and a total of 36 matches across the entire League Stage.
  • The top 16 teams will advance to the championship round.

Stage 2: June 9-12

  • In four days, the League’s 16 teams will play 24 matches.
  • Meanwhile, the BMPS S1 champion will be the team with the most points.
Image Via Krafton

BMPS Groups : 

BMPS Season 1 : League Stage will have the following 3 groups –

Group A 

  1. WSF E
  2. Enigma Gaming 
  3. Global Esports
  4. INS E
  5. Hydra Official
  6. Autobotz
  7. Ritribution RTR
  8. GOG Esports

Group B 

  1. Walkouts 
  2. Initiative Academy
  3. Big Brother
  4. Orange Rock Esports
  5. Blind Esports
  6. Nigma Galaxy
  7. ACBC Esports
  8. Marcos Gaming

Group C 

  1. Team Soul
  2. Team XO
  3. Kinetic Esports
  4. R Esports
  5. UP50 Esports
  6. Hyderabad Hydras
  7. FS Esports
  8. 7 Sea Esports

In conclusion, the event is going to be exciting as there are many new teams who are giving a tough fight to the old teams. So many of the invited teams got eliminated, and some of them are still eying for the trophy. 

So the matches will get even more intense. Fans must not miss out on this iconic event! 

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