BMPS League Stage Week 1

BMPS League Stage Week 1 Overall Standings & Top Fraggers

BMPS League Stage week 1 has just ended and we have the overall standings for this week. Here are all the teams who have been on the top as well as the top players who have taken their team there. 

Team Soul is ruling the leaderboard with 226 points. They took 3 chicken dinners on day 4. Not only placement, but they have dominated the lobby with 117 finishes. 

Team Orange Rock is not far behind. There has been a close competition between both the teams in these 4 days. In fact, it seems like no other team is able to give them a tough competition as they continue to be on the top of the leaderboard. 

Soul Goblin, Scream from Big Brother, Carry from Hyderabad Hydras have have been the lead fraggers of week 1.

BMPS League Stage : 

Here are the overall standings of BMPS League Stage : Week 1 –

This time, we also saw the elimination of many invited teams like Skylightz Gaming, GodLike and Team X Spark. 

The underdog teams are no more underdogs, as they have learned the tactics of other teams. It made the event even more interesting.

This time all the fans are supporting Team Soul and Orange Rock a lot for their amazing performance.

As the weeks will pass, it will be even more fascinating to watch who keeps their performance consistent. The next few days will be very important for the teams. 

It will be a chance for the teams to keep themselves at the top with gaining more points and for the teams at the bottom to show a comeback. 

The most thrilling part will be the BMPS Grand Finals, which will begin on 9 June. 16 teams will fight in 4 days in the same lobby. On 12 June, the team with the highest points will be crowned as the Champion of BMPS 2022. 

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