BMPS Week 2

BMPS Week 2 Points Table : OR Crosses 400 Points

BMPS Week 2 ended on Sunday, 29 May 2022. Team Orange Rock is now at the top of the leaderboard. 

OR has secured a total of 464 points which includes 222 finishes and 9 chicken dinners. With its incredible gameplay, the team has set a very high score which other teams will find it difficult to cover up.

Meanwhile, Team XO is in second position with 350 points which makes a difference of 114 points. 

Furthermore, Team Soul, who were at the top in week 1, are now in third position with 350 points. They dominated in week 1, but could not maintain it in week 2. 

Still, Team XO and Team Soul are among the top teams and they may show a comeback in week 3. 

Moreover, Vikendi showed up in week  2. After a very long time, Krafton added it back into the competitive scenario. 

Vikendi was removed and remastered last year. The dev team removed a lot of snow and changed some major locations of the map. But, even after coming back to the game, it was out of esports. 

24 teams are fighting in 3 groups in a round-robin format.

The schedule of week 2 was –

  1. Erangel (Group A vs B)
  2. Miramar (Group B vs Group C)
  3. Vikendi ( A vs C)
  4. Erangel (A vs C)
  5. Miramar (A vs B)
  6. Erangel (B vs C)

BMPS Week 2

BMPS Week 2 points table is as follows –

Image Via Krafton

The League Stage Week 3 begins on Thursday, 2nd June. This week will be very important. The top teams will have to maintain their performance and the teams at the bottom will have to do their best to climb the points table. 

To sum up, this week, the fights will be close. Fans must not miss out on these matches!

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