BMPS Week 3

BMPS Week 3 : Start Date, Time, Schedule and More

BMPS Week 3 kicks off today evening with the 24 teams fighting once again for 4 days. Day 1 of week 3 is scheduled for 2 June 4pm IST.

Fans can watch the event on the official BGMI channel on YouTube as well as Loco. 

This week is going to be very important for all the teams. The top teams including Orange Rock Esports, Team Soul and Team XO need to keep their performance consistent. 

Meanwhile, there will be a close fight between Hydra Official, Nigma Galaxy and Global Esports in climbing the leaderboard. 

BMPS Week 3 : Schedule 

The teams are fighting in a round-robin format in 3 groups. On day 1, a total of 6 matches will be played. 

Following will be the schedule for BMPS Week 3 Day 1 –

  1. Erangel –  Group  A vs C : 4.40 pm
  2. Miramar – A vs B :  5.32 pm
  3. Sanhok –  B vs C : 6.24 pm
  4. Erangel –  B vs C : 6.24 pm
  5. Miramar – A vs C : 8.14 pm
  6. Erangel – A vs B : 9.03 pm

Week 2 :

Week 2 was full of adventures for all the teams. Soul dominated in week 1, but in week 2, OR surpassed their score. 

OR has crossed 400 points and is now at the top of the leaderboard. Their total points are 464 which include 9 chicken dinners and 222 finishes. 

Image Via Krafton

Last week, Krafton added Vikendi on demand of the community. Everyone believes that Sanhok is bad for esports as teams prefer heal battles over fighting. 

It came back into competition after a long time. In contrast, Sanhok is back this week. Next week, Vikendi may come back again.

Week 3 is the final week of the League Stage. The top 16 teams with the highest points will advance to the Grand Finals.

The competition is going to be even harder. The team with the highest points will be crowned as the champion on BMPS Season 1. 

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