Butterfly Knife comes to Valorant

Butterfly Knife comes to Valorant according to the new Recon bundle

Finally, the most awaited Butterfly Knife comes to Valorant. Riot Games has finally listened to what fans want, and they have released it.

The Recon collection includes a total of five weapon skins. It includes the skins of the following weapons

  1. Phantom
  2. Guardian
  3. Spectre
  4. Ghost
  5. Balisong (Butterfly Knife)

These skins will have three variants: Red Camouflage, Blue Camouflage and Gren Camouflage.

The butterfly Knife comes to Valorant

Riot released the Recon Collection, a military-themed skin bundle, to the game today. Moreover, this collection also includes the most awaited melee weapon skin, the butterfly knife. However, it is called the Balisong Knife in Valorant.

Riot introduces gun attachments to the game with Recon Collection

The new Recon Collection will allow the players to attach the attachments of the gun by upgrading it. However, it will not affect the gameplay.

Sean Marino, the art lead at Riot Games, said, “Way early on in VALORANT’s development, we experimented around with having attachments similar to what you might see in a more mil-sim or grounded shooter. While the idea of attachments for gameplay purposes didn’t make its way through to the final game, there has always been a select few on the team who really loved the look of grounded military weapons that were kitted out with various attachments. Recon is our attempt to capture that fantasy of being in a more traditional modern shooter, having a gun that feels more representative of something you might see in modern combat.”

The color theme of Black and Beige color gives military vibes to the player who uses it. Moreover, the attachments give the clean a neat look. Although the skins won’t affect your gameplay, they look really good.

The Recon bundle is a Premium Edition bundle, and it will cost 7,100 VP for the entire bundle. However, if players want to buy the skin of a single weapon, they can buy it for 1,775 VP each, but the Balisong Knife will be comparatively expensive. 

Riot Games has done an incredible job in designing their weapon skins. Moreover, Riot has also done a great job with the Recon Collection and Balisong Knife.

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