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Call of Duty Mobile to add custom loadout drops in Battle Royale mode.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode has a lot of new changes in upcoming updates. These updates will include custom loadout drops in the Battle Royale mode. Besides, a few months ago, Activision hired a rumoured Warzone Mobile title.

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As compared to other Battle Royale titles, Call of Duty Mobile is not performing upto the expectations of the fans. Moreover, the game was released on the 1st of October 2019 still there is only one map available to play. Even after the requests from the fan, CODMobile developers failed to provide a new map.

Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale custom loadout drop.

The Chinese version of the game is ahead of the global version. The Chinese version of the game gets every update before the global version. However, the developers have revealed that the global version and the Chinese version of the game will be merged this year. This means that all the content from the Chinese version of the game will be added to the global version.

According to the new leaks, some of the Call of Duty Warzone elements will be coming to the Call of Duty Mobile Battle Royale mode. For all the COD Warzone players, custom loadout drop is a very important feature in the game. Similar to the COD Warzone, the gameplay leak shows a player dropping a smoke beacon, and a few seconds later the “Supply Drop” drops to the ground with a parachute. 

Players can get custom loadouts from the normal drop in the game. However, this new feature will allow players to call a drop. The players will get an Epic weapon, a secondary weapon and some ammo from the drop. 

This feature is somewhat similar to the Flare gun feature in PUBG Mobile. However, the flare gun feature was implemented in PUBG Mobile in 2018. 

The above video is the gameplay of Chinese version of the game. However, players can expect to get this feature in the global version sooner or later. Moreover, this drop mechanism seems a good feature for players to get guns after their respawn. Besides, it will be exciting to see how players will implement this new feature in their game play.

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