Clan Games and Rewards

CoC Clashiversary August 2021: Clan Games and Rewards

CoC Clashiversary is here! As Clash of Clans turns nine, Supercell brings some amazing rewards for the players. Play Clan Games to win those rewards.

CoC always gave thrilling experiences in these nine years. Moreover, the new troops and spells with every update always took the battles to some another level. 

Here are the details about the Clan Games 2021 and rewards –

August 2021:Clan Games

Clan Games for August 2021 begin on the 22nd, and this month’s clan games are extra special because it’s the 9th Anniversary month. 

Fans of the game are well aware that Supercell spoils them at the annual clash anniversary celebrations. 

Clashiversary Clan Games will be held this month, and will offer a variety of surprises and valuable goods for enthusiasts.

  • This month, instead of the usual six, there will be seven tiers, as there were last year.
  • Your clan will now need to earn 75,000 points to unlock the 7th Tier and claim the additional award as a result of the additional tier.
  • Each tier will have three goods, and at the end of the Clan Games, you will be able to choose one from each tier.

CoC Clashiversary: Rewards

Following are the CoC Clashiversary Clan Games Rewards –

(Image Cr: Supercell)

There are books, runes and a lot of potions in the rewards. These rewards are just like the past year. 

In conclusion, this is a special event in the game, so don’t miss out on those rewards. Play Clan Games and win them!

CoC is the most popular strategy game. It has over 130 million average monthly users. Moreover, it has stayed on the top of the Google Play Store charts!

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