Clash Royale Level 14

Clash Royale Level 14 Update, Champions Have Finally Arrived

Clash Royale Level 14 update has arrived. Players can now upgrade their cards to level 14. Also, new cards – ‘Champions’ will be available in the game. 

Earlier, players could upgrade cards till level 12. But now, they can upgrade it to level 14 which would increase the damage.

In contrast, Supercell would increase the health and damage of the King, as well as the princess towers.   

However, a longer maintenance break came on October 27, 2021.  Here are the details of the latest update –

Clash Royale Level 14 :

After the Clash Royale Level 14 update, a lesser number of cards will be required for upgrade. In addition, they have reduced the cost of card upgrades.

Cost Reduction: 

  1. Common Cards:
    • Level 11-12: 2000 cards reduced to 1500.
    • Level 12-13: 5000, reduced to 3000
  2. Rare:
    • Level 11-12: 800, reduced to 500.
    • Level 12-13: 1000, reduced to 750
  3. Epic:
    • Level 10-11:50, reduced to 40.
    • Level 11-12: 100, reduced to 50
    • And Level 12-13: 200,  reduced to 100
  4. Legendary:
    • Level 11-12: 10, reduced to 6
    • Level 12-13: 20,  reduced to 10
(Image Cr: Supercell)

All players will be awarded Cards that they’ve spent on previous upgrades for Level 11 (Epics only), 12, and 13 Cards. 

They have also reduced the minimum XP Level for card upgrades. Moreover, players will get the XP they earned for upgrades and donations due to these changes.

In addition, more details are available on the official website.  

Clash Royale Champions:

Players with King Level 14 can now unlock the champions. The three champions have arrived –

  1. Archer Queen
  2. Golden Knight
  3. Skeleton King

However, players can use only one champion in their deck. Also, these champions cost elixirs and have a cool down time.  

Champions will take the battles to another level! Players will definitely love this update.

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