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Clash Royale: Latest Update to Make Major Changes to the Game

Clash Royale will get some major changes with the upcoming update. The earlier improvements were mostly aimed at new/mid-level players, with the goal of assisting them in their advancement.

They believe that the advent of magical goods and the influx of Gold (and other features) has greatly aided their high-level players, yet they felt left out.

This update focuses on providing more material to high-level players as well as modifying the gameplay. 

Supercell’s blog post says that they are changing the gameplays in “ways we’ve never done/seen before.”

Clash Royale: NEW SEASON

Supercell has not only developed a new Arena for it, but they will also supply us with those great Rewards. 

Season 27 of the game will launch on September 6th. Moreover, it includes a new arena titled Executioner’s Kitchen. 

The forthcoming season will also bring some modifications to the balance.

(Image Cr: Supercell)

Vote for Party Mode Challenges:

Supercell has opened voting for Clash Royale’s boosted cards. It’s now doing the same thing with the Party Mode Challenges. 

Every week, players will be able to vote on three party mode tasks. The player who receives the most votes will be added to the game for a week. 

Each week, there will be a new challenge category for you to vote on. Following are the dates for various modes –

  • 3 September: Classic 1v1 Modes
  • 10 September: Spawner Modes
  • 17 September: 1v1 Capture Modes
  • 24 September: 2v2 Modes

The Executioner Draft, Mega Touchdown, Triple Draft, and Sudden Death Challenges will all be available for earning during the future season.

Moreover, the first global tournament will take place on September 11th. After that there is a Double Elixir Global Tournament on September 24th.

This update is going to be thrilling with these major changes and tournaments!

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