CoC : Halloween Obstacle

CoC : Halloween Obstacle, Royal Ghost and Challenge Leaked

CoC Halloween event is about to arrive. Supercell is bringing an exciting update very soon with great rewards. Some temporary troops are back in the game.

As we know, the last big update was Clashiversary in August 2021. Finally there are new events, cost reductions, time boosts, new sceneries ahead.

CoC: Halloween Obstacle

Clash of Clans has always had a special Halloween hurdle since 2014, and it will again this year. 

Despite the fact that they are called obstacles, special obstacle farming shows how long you’ve been playing the game. 

Aside from that, it improves the beauty of your village, thus most gamers are looking forward to new obstacles.

This Halloween’s barrier will be called a “Friendly Flower,” but it will not be so friendly. It has a similar animation to the “7th Birthday Surprise” obstacle. 

A scary archespore-like killer plant will appear when you click on the relatively simple blossom. 

Halloween Challenge

This month marks the start of the CoC Halloween Challenge. These tasks reward you with a bunch of stuff, as well as a few XP. 

Moreover, there is a magic item, and occasional gems. So, don’t miss out on this challenge and its highly useful rewards, which have yet to be revealed.

The challenge base, as well as the army you can use to take it out, can be seen above. The troops include the following –

  1. Valkyrie (Level 9) X3
  2. Super Bowler (Level 6) X1
  3. Pumpkin Barbarian (Level 7) X40 

Heroes –

  1. Barbarian King Level 80
  2. Archer Queen Level 80
  3. Grand Warden Level 55
  4. Royal Champion Level 30 

Spells –

  1. Heal Spell (Level 8) X1 
  2. Invisibility Spell (Level 4) X3

Royal Ghost & Pumpkin Barbarian :

The Royal Ghost troop from 2019 is coming back as a temporary troop. It has a high damage per second, but low hit points.

Moreover, it is invisible until it hits buildings and other troops.

(Image Cr: Supercell)

The pumpkin barbarians from Halloween 2017 will appear again in CoC. They have a little more health level due to pumpkin helmets. 

However, these troops will have the same level as the usual barbarian level and Town Hall level.  

Players are waiting for the update. Hopefully it is going to be full of new surprises from Supercell!

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