COD Mobile Aether Hunt event

COD Mobile Aether Hunt event: Everything you need to know

The COD Mobile Aether Hunt event is now live. This event brings tons of new daily rewards. However, the main rewards for the event are Richtofen – Turned and FR.556 – Undead Wacher.

The COD Mobile Season 6 has brought the Zombie theme back to the game. Moreover, this season also brings new events, which include epic blueprints and a character skin. Nonetheless, players can also get rewards by completing daily challenges. To read more about COD Mobile Season 6, read our article COD Mobile Season 6 officially announced: Everything you need to know.

The Aether Hunt mode is related to the new zombie game Mode, Undead Siege. To read more about Undead Siege, read our article COD Mobile Zombies Finally Return with the “Undead Siege.”

COD Mobile Aether Hunt rewards

This new event brings tons of new rewards. Players have to collect two types of Ores, Common Ore and Irradiated Ore. However, to get Aether from these Ores, players have to crack them open. Also, players will have to complete daily missions and play Undead Siege mode to collect these Aether. 

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Players can use this Aether to unlock various items from the events section. Daily missions in the Undead Siege mode reward players with Irradiated Ores, whereas challenges in multiplayer mode rewards player with Common Ores.

The COD Mobile Aether Hunt reward includes:

  • Richtofen – Turned
  • FR.556 – Undead Watcher
  • LK24 – Horde
  • Fennec – Horde
  • GKS – Horde
  • Sticker – Crack Skull
  • Echo – Horde
  • Backpack – Infected 
  • J358 – Infected
  • Antelope A20 – Horde
  • ATV – Horde
  • M4 – Infected
  • MW11 – Infected

However, all these items require a different amount of Aether to unlock them.

The COD Mobile Aether Hunt event brings many new rewards, which players can get for free. However, players have to complete various challenges to get these rewards. This event will last for 12 days, and players must complete the given challenges within these 12 days to get the rewards. 

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