Counter Attack Event

COD Mobile announced a new season 8 Counterattack Event

COD Mobile released a new second anniversary celebration event called “Counterattack.” This event is related to the new battle royale map, Blackout.

Activision recently launched Blackout, a new battle royale map from Black Ops 4. Before the release of Blackout, COD Mobile had only one battle royale map called Isolated. Blackout is the largest map in the game. 

Moreover, this new map also has non-playable characters (NPC). Players can interact with these NPCs. Interacting with these NPCs will give players missions, which will reward them with game points. Players can use these game points to unlock various exciting in-game cosmetics and other rewards. 

COD Mobile Counterattack event 

Players can play the new counterattack event only on the Blackout map. In the main menu, players can find the option to play the event under the battle pass icon. 

Players have to interact with the NPCs in Blackout, which will give them missions. After completing these missions, players will get game points. Players can use these points to acquire various rewards in the events section. 

To get more game points, players can interact with more NPCs. This will give players more missions, which will ultimately reward players with more game points. These missions require special materials to complete them. Players can acquire these special materials by playing Blackout.

Players can get the following rewards by collecting game points.

  • 100 points > Burnt Ruin Knife
  • 200 points > Second Anniversary Spray
  • 300 points > Burnt Ruin Ak-47
  • 500 points > Burnt Ruin NA-45
  • 700 points > Burnt Ruin Wingsuit
  • 900 points > Second Anniversary Sticker
  • 1200 points > Burnt Ruin Cordlite
  • 1500 points > Second Anniversary Frame
  • 3000 points > Burnt Ruin Molotov Cocktail 
  • 3500 points > 2nd Anniversary Calling Card
  • 4000 points > Burnt Ruin Backpack 
  • 4500 points > Burnt Ruin Locus 
  • 5500 points > Burnt Ruin Motorcycle 
  • 7000 points > Burnt Ruin SMRS 
  • 9600 points > MX9 Second Round 

COD Mobile always surprises us with new exciting events. After the release of the new map, the events are getting more exciting. It will also be exciting to see what this new map brings for us.

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