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COD Mobile Announces Collaboration with SAW Movie

COD Mobile officially announced their latest collaboration with SAW Movie. SAW is a famous horror film, released in 2004. 

COD Mobile Season 9 Nightmare is live now. It has a new Halloween event. In contrast, this collaboration is making the game even more scary and exciting.

The character skin Billie the Puppet is a special feature of the collaboration. It is the iconic ventriloquist doll featured throughout the Saw film franchise. 

Unlike the previous movie collaborations – Rambo and Die Hard – Billie the Puppet will only be available through the Lucky Draw. However, it will not be available in the in-game shop.

COD Mobile New Weapon :

 Activision brings a new weapon blueprint called ‘Chopper – Rules of the Game’.

In addition, the character skin Billie the Puppet and the weapon blueprint Chopper – Rules of the Game will be available in the upcoming Lucky Draw. 

This will take place on October 22nd, 2021 at 5 PM (PT). The lucky draw will be available in the in-game shop until the end of CODM Season 9.

About SAW Movie:

SAW is an American horror film. James Wan directed the movie. The movie has a scary plotline about the ‘Jigsaw Killer’

He is the antagonist of the movie who puts people into some ‘deadly games’.

About CODM Season 9:

The Halloween theme is available on following new maps –

  • Havoc Sawmill 
  • Halloween Standoff

In addition, Season 9 brought 2 new weapons –

  • Thumper grenade
  • Swordfish tactical rifle

The thumper grenade is one of the most deadly weapons of COD Black Ops Cold War. 

Thumper is a grenade launcher with ironsight. However, it only allows players to shoot one grenade at a time. Also, players can simply open the ADS, and shoot the grenade on enemies with high accuracy.

In conclusion, the Halloween event will be so much fun with the collaboration and weapons.

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