COD Mobile CBR4, Templar, Battle Pass

COD Mobile CBR4, Templar, Battle Pass Rewards Finally Available Now

COD Mobile CBR4 SMG is finally available now in the game. CBR4 and SVD sniper rifle came along the COD Mobile Season 10 – ‘Shadows Return’. The new season is far different from Season 9 – ‘Nightmare’.

Activision has brought this thrilling season for players with a brand new battle pass and rewards.

COD Mobile CBR4

COD Mobile CBR4 came with the new season. In addition, it has a mythic version that players can purchase from the Store.

Activision revealed the weapon on Twitter as ‘CBR4 – Amoeba’, a weapon made in a laboratory. Moreover, it is a quite powerful SMG, so players must try it in their loadouts.

In contrast, you can obtain the new weapon, CBR4 by completing the CBR4 Supremacy Seasonal Challenge.

Furthermore, the Tweet says that New Mythic weapons, legendary, as well as  epic items are available in the COD Mobile store now. Therefore don’t miss out on these, if you love the mythic weapons. 

Battle Pass Rewards :

Every CODM season brings a brand new battle pass for players. And, therefore, Activision revealed the rewards Tier-wise – 

Following are the newest obtainable Epic blueprints –

  1. LK24 – Vanquished : Tier 1
  2. AS VAL – Tagger : Tier 10  
  3. KRM-262 – Silent Reaver : Tier 30  
  4. PP19 Bizon – Hidden Prowler : Tier 40
  5. SVD – Black Ironwood : Tier 50

Templar :

CODM’s latest character Templar is now available. Players will get this very new character as Tier 1 reward of the Battle Pass.

Clan Wars Update :

The Clan Wars refresh has gone live this season, which means currency has been reset. Moreover, new rewards are available, and new Clan Wars improvements are on the way! 

The new changes are intended to revamp the entire store system so that players believe the rewards are more accessible within a single season. This is accomplished through an increased currency earn rate and cycling rewards.

Now clan wars will end within 61 days and players will have more rewards to collect, which is pretty good.

To sum up, this season is filled with a bunch of new things. So, players must play and collect cool rewards. Also, don’t forget the clan wars!

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