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How to unlock Peacekeeper Mosaic in COD Mobile Season 6

Since the release of COD Mobile Season 6, COD Mobile has been releasing new skins and items every week. This week, COD Mobile has added a Peacekeeper Mosaic skin to the game. 

Mosaic skins are limited to season 6, and COD Mobile might not release them ever again. Recently, players got a chance to unlock AS-VAL and DR-H Mosaic camos. 

Moreover, it is fairly easy to get these skins. Players can get these skins by completing event missions. As these missions are easy to complete, players can get these skins easily. 

COD Mobile Season 6 brings Peacekeeper Mosaic skin

Peacekeeper can be a potent weapon if players use it with the proper build. COD Mobile Season 6 brings Peacekeeper Mosaic skin which looks stunning. 

Image via COD Mobile

However, players only have five days to get these skins as the event will end after five days. Hence, players must hurry and complete all the missions mentioned in the events section to collect this stunning skin. 

Players have to complete all the following missions to unlock the Peacekeeper Mosaic skin:

– Play three ranked matches in any mode

– Login for four days

– Kill five enemies in Battle Royale matches

– Play three ranked matches in any mode

– Place in the top 2 in Battle Royale matches three times

– Kill 45 enemies in any mode

– Earn the Berserker medal 20 times in multiplayer matches

– Play 10 matches in any mode

– Use operator skills five times in multiplayer matches

– Kill 20 enemies in any mode

– Win two ranked matches in any mode

COD Mobile Season 6 was released last month, and it has brought various free items to the game. Moreover, it will be worth seeing what more Season 6 brings for us. On the other hand, players are eagerly waiting for COD Mobile to release a new Battle Royale map. It will be exciting to see when COD Mobile brings a new map to the Battle Royale mode.

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