COD Mobile Season 10

COD Mobile Season 10: Everything We Know So Far

COD Mobile Season 10 is just around the corner. Activision has officially confirmed the release of two new weapons, and a new map. Moreover, the theme of the season is also leaked. 

Season 10 of the games will bring a ton of new surprises including two new weapons and a new map. However, not much information has been released yet.

COD Mobile Season 10 brings two new weapons, a new map and more 

Data miners have found out the name of Season 10 of the game, which is Unredeemed. Moreover, they have also found an early image of season 10. The leaked image seems to have some radioactive theme, which could be the theme of the season. 

The image shows the legs of a person standing at the entrance of the door, and ‘Unredeemed’ written on the floor. The person is most likely the in-game character Templar.

Moreover, season 10 will bring two more new weapons to the game, P90 SMG and Dragonauv sniper rifle. P90 is a famous, and one of the most used SMG from other Call of Duty titles. On the other hand, the Dragonauv is a sniper rifle quite similar to the Artic sniper. 

There is a rumour that a new map is coming to COD Mobile with the season 10. However, it is not yet officially confirmed by Activision. The map is said to be called as Vacant, which comes from COD 4 and Modern Warfare. 

Image via Activision

Vacant is a quite famous map, which was originally released with Call of Duty. However, it was also later released in Modern Warfare 2 DLC, Modern Warfare – 2019, and Warzone Verdansky map. 

COD Mobile Season 10 is close, and it brings a ton of new rewards for the players. It is expected to release on the 18th of November. Moreover, the new map and new weapons will bring a lot of new changes to the game.

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