COD Mobile Season 2

COD Mobile Season 2 : Leaks, Release Date, Battle Pass and More

COD Mobile Season 2 is around the corne. With the brand new battle pass, the update brings a lot of new content. Most importantly, Activision has teased the ‘Return of Ghost’.

COD Mobile Season 2

This season is named ‘Task Force 141’. CoD Mobile Season 2: Task Force 141 will be released on Wednesday, February 23 at 4 p.m. PT / 7 p.m. ET.

Following Season 1: Heist, it has been exactly five weeks since the last seasonal update.

New Weapons in Season 2

Dev team revealed a new shotgun – JAK-12. Gamers have seen it earlier, in Call of Duty : Modern Warfare. It is an auto shotgun that unlocks at Tier 21. 

The JAK-12 remained  the fastest-firing Shotgun in Modern Warfare Season 6. As a result, it’s likely to have the same impact in CoD Mobile as one of the most deadly weapons in its class.

New Maps in COD Mobile Season 2

The upcoming update also brings a brand new map – ‘Hardhat’. It was a part of Modern Warfare 3. 

This smaller layout engages players in a New York construction site and includes multiple fighting levels. 

While we have yet to see the full CoD Mobile port, an early teaser appears to show a new aura for the map. Hardhat now appears to be set during a rainy night.

Image Via Activision

Task Force 141 : Battle Pass

Task Force brings a new battle pass with new rewards and a lot more. 

Premium Pass Tiers

Players get Gaz and Ghost, the two most iconic characters of the game. Fill out your squad by unlocking Alex — Hard Wired and Charly — Striker.

Moreover, you can equip them with new gear like the ASM10 — Snakeskin, Outlaw — Crash Course and Type 25 — Bolt Press.

To summarise, the new Season looks exciting. Also, the return of ‘Ghost’ has excited everyone. 

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