Rytec AMR

COD Mobile Season 6 brings Rytec AMR, a new sniper rifle

COD Mobile Season 6 brings Rytec AMR to the game, a new sniper rifle. It has been teasing the mythic variant of this sniper rifle since the beginning of the season. 

The sniper rifle came out a couple of days ago. However, players have to try their luck in the draw to get this weapon. 

The draw includes ten exclusive items, out of which three of them are legendary items. Moreover, this spin also features a legendary flashbang grenade skin. This grenade stuns the enemy with a watery effect, and the audio cues are blurred with the sound of water. 

How to get Rytec AMR in COD Mobile Season 6 for free? 

Players who don’t usually use their real money in the game can get the Rytec AMR for free. “Sharpshooter” is a new event that COD Mobile recently released in season 6. In this event, players can complete a few tasks to unlock this sniper rifle for free. 

The Sharpshooter event consists of tasks for both the modes, Battle Royale and Multiplayer mode. Players can complete all these tasks and acquire the new Rytec AMR for free. 

About Rytec AMR

DL Q33 and Locus are currently the leading sniper rifle in the game. This addition of Rytec AMR might change the meta. Moreover, This looks promising on paper. However, only time will tell how promising it is in the game. 

It deals 160 damage to the head, which is a lethal one-shot to the head. Moreover, it deals 120 damage to the hands and 80 to the limbs. 

The damage of this gun drops when Thermite and Explosive magazines are attached. With the Thermite mag, the damage drops to 60. However, it burns the enemy, which deals extra damage of 40. On the other hand, the explosive magazine deals explosive damage with one blow. 

COD Mobile keeps bringing new guns to the game. However, Rytec AMR, which came with COD Mobile Season 6, seems promising. Moreover, it will be exciting to see how this gun changes the game meta.

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