COD Mobile Season 6

COD Mobile Season 6 officially announced: Everything you need to know.

Activision has finally announced COD Mobile Season 6. Season 5 of COD Mobile, In Deep Water, received a tremendous response from the players. Moreover, like Season 5, Season 6 will also bring new stuff like BP rewards, Legendary Ghost, new weapons, new maps, and more.

Activision has finally revealed the release date of COD Mobile Season 6. It will release on the 29th of July. This season will bring a lot of new stuff to the game. Moreover, the Zombies will also be returning to the game.

COD Mobile Season 6

The COD Mobile Season 6 will be called “The Heat.” It will be releasing on the 29th of July. This season brings many new things to the game. We will be explaining these in this article.

New maps

Season 6 of the game will bring two new maps in multiplayer mode. The maps are

Slums: Slums is a new map coming to the game. It is a Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 map, which was remastered in Black Ops 4. 

Stack: Stacks is the second map that will be coming to the game. Activision initially included this map in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare. 

New weapons

The upcoming season will bring two new weapons. These weapons are

MX9: MX9 is an SMG, and players can claim it by reaching tier 21 of Battle Pass.

Rytec AMR: Rytec AMR is a semi-automatic rifle. However, it will not release at the start of the update. It will arrive later as an in-game reward.

New equipment

Season 6 will also bring some new tactical equipment that will assist players in winning gunfights. 

Swarm: Players can use the new tactical equipment, Swarm, to summon a swarm of Hunter Killer drones, assisting in killing enemies. Moreover, players can unlock this equipment at tier 14 of the Battle Pass.

Shield Grenade: Shield Grenade is a throwable grenade, which instantly creates a shield wherever it is thrown. This shield lasts for 60 seconds.

Besides these, the game will also bring a Martyrdom red per, which will drop a live grenade after the player’s death. Moreover, a new operator Skill Dynamic Armor will also arrive with Season 6.

In addition, Zombies will return to the BR map in the Undead Siege mode. Players will have to fight for survival from the Zombies at night time.

For more, please read our detailed article about the Undead Siege mode.

It will be exciting to see how the players react to the COD Season 6 as Season 5 received a tremendous response. Moreover, Season 6 also brings a lot of new stuff to the game, including new maps. COD Mobile has always brought new things to the game. However, it has always struggled to get new maps to the Battle Royale mode of the game.

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