COD Mobile Season 8

COD Mobile Season 8: Weapon inspection, remastered map & scorestreak

The test servers for COD Mobile Season 8 are now open. The test servers show a lot of new features coming with the season 8 update. Moreover, the official season 8 update will release on the second anniversary of the game, and it is named as “The Forge.” 

The celebration of the first anniversary of the game was incredible. Players are hoping to see the same hype in the second-anniversary celebration. 

The developers of COD Mobile promised to give a CyberPunk themed season, and we expect it to see in season 8. Season 8 brings tons of new features to the game. Let’s have a look at what we know so far. 

COD Mobile Season 8 brings weapon inspection to the game 

Finally, the developers have listened to the players and added weapon inspection to the game. Players will be glad to know that weapon inspection will come to the game with season 8. 

Image via COD Mobile

The test servers had the working feature to inspect the weapons. Earlier, FPP players had a hard time checking their new skins. This new feature will allow them to see the skins clearly, whenever they want. 

Scorestreak TAK-5:

The TAK-5 was first added to the COD Black Ops 4. Now, players will get a chance to use it in COD Mobile. TAK-5 will be a scorestreak in Season 8.

TAK-5 increases the maximum health of all teammates by 50 HP. Moreover, it also heals the players with low HP. The extra 50 HP is shown on top of the players along with the health bar. This new feature seems unique, and it will be exciting to see how the players will utilize it. 

Moreover, we also expect that COD Mobile will release the remastered version of the “Crash” Map with Season 8. Besides, as always, the new season will also bring a new battle pass with various rewards. 

As these leaks are from the test servers, most of them will make it to the global version of the game. Moreover, we expect to see more leaks of Season 8 in the upcoming days. 

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