Undead Siege Mode

COD Mobile Undead Siege Mode to Return After Season 8

COD Mobile Undead Siege Mode will be unavailable during the upcoming season 8. However, it will return in Season 9. Activision announced that it will return with some updates.

COD Mobile Undead Siege Mode:

Earlier, Activision removed the zombies mode due to low traffic. However, they decided to bring it back as “COD Mobile Undead Siege Mode”, because players demanded it.

The Zombie Mode came back in Season 6 as “Undead Siege”. Players waited for a long time for this mode.

Due to the popularity of the this mode, Activision decided to extend the limited-time mode until the game’s seventh season. 

The developer said today that the mode would be removed from the game in Season 8, but will return in Season 9. The game’s eighth season will start towards the end of September.


Gamers had to survive for five days and nights in the Undead Siege mode. 

Players could explore the map for supplies and resources during the day, when the zombies were dispersed and in small numbers.

Players use these resources to purchase turrets and other anti-zombie weapons. As darkness falls, the zombies begin to emerge in waves. 

Therefore, players must work together to defend the mobile base against many waves of undead. Each night, the zombies get more powerful, and new ones appear.

In contrast, COD Mobile Season 8 test servers are live. There are some new features in it. Moreover, it will launch on the second anniversary of the game as “The Forge”.

It has a weapon inspection feature which allows players to see their weapon. Also, there’s a new weapon TAK-5 from COD Black Ops 4.

To sum up, this mode will return soon. Players like this zombie mode as it is very thrilling. Acivision will bring it in a new way with changes. 

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