COD Mobile World Championship SA/ME regional finals

Team IND becomes the champions of COD Mobile World Championship SA/ME regional finals

Team IND won the Regional Playoffs of COD Mobile World Championship for the South Asian and Middle East regions. 

They dominated SA and ME playoffs by defeating Team Vitality with 3-0 score. Moreover, Team IND won the playoff finals without a single defeat. This shows the dominance of Team IND in all the regions. 

COD Mobile World Championship SA/ME regional finals

Team IND fought against Team Vitality in the grand finals. Team IND dominated Team Vitality with a score of 3-0 scoreline. Moreover, Team IND won $15,000 by winning the finals.

In the grand finals, teams played three different matches and modes. The following are the map and modes,

Image via Team IND

Match no. 1: 

Map: Summit map

Game Mode: Hardpoint mode 

Final Score: 150-26

Match no. 2:

Map: Hackney Yard map

Game Mode: Search and Destroy

Final Score: 6-2

Match no. 3:

Map: Raid Map

Game Mode: Domination mode

Final Score: 150-147

The prize pool of the playoffs was a whopping $50,000

First Prize: $15,000 (won by Team IND)

Second Prize: $10,000 (won by Team Vitality)

Third Prize: $8,000 (won by Revenant Esports)

Fourth Prize: $5,000 (won by True Rippers)

Fifth Prize: $3,500 (won by GodLike)

Sixth Prize: $2,500 (won by 3rbnA)

Seventh Prize: $2,500 (won by Team NS)

Eight Prize: $2,500 (won by Unbroken)

Team Unbroken was disqualified from the finals as they broke a rule. Moreover, they were replaced by Team NS. 

Team IND showed quite a performance in the Regional Playoffs. However, it will be exciting to see whether they keep the performance consistent or not.

The COD Mobile World Championship will commence later this year and it will be on LAN. Moreover, this World Championship will have a whopping prize pool of $2 million. Team IND has qualified for the World Championship by winning SA/ME regional finals. We hope Team IND shows the same consistent performance in the World Championship.

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