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COD Mobile Zombies Finally Return with the “Undead Siege”

COD Mobile zombies mode will arrive in the game’s next season. They’ve released an official trailer for Undead Siege, which will be the name of the Zombies mode in Season 6.

After a long tease and a lot of anticipation, COD Mobile’s Zombies mode has returned after what seems like an eternity. According to the test server, the hold also has a new camo called Aether Crystal. Players can only unlock it by playing CODM Season 6’s Undead Siege mode.

Return of Zombies in COD Mobile:

As a result, in order to acquire the fresh new completionist camo, players will have to grind the re-released mode hard and fast.

This mode may be a limited-time option, according to certain reports. While most players do not want it to be an LTM, COD Mobile developers have already learned their lesson.

Activision removed the zombies mode because of minimal traffic.

While some zombie fans expressed their disappointment, the majority of the CODM community appeared unconcerned. 

However, by late 2020, there was a renewed demand for a revised Zombies mode. With Treyarch’s introduction of Zombies in the Black Ops Cold War, demand increased even more.

It became an obsession for the entire Call of Duty brand, and COD Mobile players wanted their version back.

COD Mobile: Dev’s Response

The return of Zombies has grabbed everyone’s interest. Some, however, were disappointed that the developer team is only bringing it back as an LTM. 

The demand is for the mode to be released as a standalone game, similar to Battle Royale. CODM developers have responded to this issue –

(Image via: COD Mobile/YouTube)

The message is clear, therefore all gamers have to do now is work hard if they want this mode to be permanent. CODM users will have to wait until Season 6 to find out if the release of the Aether Crystal completionist camo would suffice.

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