New Battle Royale Mode

COD Mobile’s New Battle Royale Mode: Everything You Need To Know

Activision has released COD Mobile’s new battle royale mode to the game today. The name of this new mode is Solid Gold. Solid Gold mode is out, and players can log in to the game and start playing it.

Looting in battle royale mode can be a challenging task sometimes. Moreover, there are various options available in different categories to loot. So, searching for your favorite weapons with your favorite attachments can be challenging, and it might take a long time. Moreover, the best weapons are usually the hardest to find. 

The new mode sorts this out for you. You can play the game without worrying about the loot.

COD Mobile’s New Battle Royale Mode, Solid Gold 

This new mode spawns only the best weapons on the map. These weapons come with the whole kit, including all the attachments. Moreover, players will only find legendary weapons while looting. 

Nonetheless, this mode relieves you from searching for the perfect attachments, as all the weapons come with complete attachments. 

This new mode spawns only the best weapons, and players can drop at any location and find good loot. Even at the safest spots, players will get the best loot. 

As the loot is evenly distributed in the new mode, it makes the battle royale mode a whole lot better. Moreover, players will parachute evenly throughout the map, and it will avoid early fights. Besides, when the loot is focused on some particular areas, many players parachute in those areas resulting in chaos. 

COD Mobile’s New Battle Royale Mode, Solid Gold, is just the beginning of COD Mobile Season 7. COD Mobile has never failed to surprise us. Moreover, season 7 will also bring a Monastery map, Prizefighters, and Payout Search and Destroy mode in the coming months. It will be exciting to see what these new modes get to the game. 

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