CODM Season 1 Heist

CODM Season 1 Heist : Release Date, Battle Pass, New Map and More

CODM Season 1 Heist will arrive very soon. Once again the CODM seasons are reset with the new year, and there will be a bunch of new things. 

Season 1 presents a new Battle Pass with free and premium items such as new Operators, a new functional weapon, Weapon Blueprints, Calling Cards, Charms, COD Points (CP), and more.

The update will finally arrive on 19 January at 4PM PST.

CODM Season 1 Heist : New Map Hacienda

Amidst the new year vibe, CODM’s New Map Hacienda would bring a new experience. First appearing in the COD Black Ops 4, it is inspired by the Spanish countryside.

Players will battle through a lavish vineyard, the boathouse, the arsenal, and for risk-takers, the highly contested central courtyard.

Nuketown Temple

Nuketown, like never before with a new setting celebrating the Lunar New Year, is arriving later in the season. The usually isolated location is now in the heart of the city, with new framework, props, and the same chaotic pace.

In contrast, a 10vs10 mode, ‘Red Envelope’ will be live at the end of January. Players can collect enough envelopes to earn additional rewards like credits and cosmetics.

Image Via Activision

CODM Season 1 Heist : Battle Pass

Battle Pass Free Tiers

Reaching tier 14 unlocks the Storm Ball tactical item which players can use in defence. Moreover, the blazing fast PPSh-41 SMG is at Tier 21.

A variety of camos, Weapon Blueprints, and the threat-tracking Heartbeat Sensor are also available for free.

Premium Pass Tiers

Purchasing the Battle Pass gives access to all of the content in the Heist stream. Makarov — Kingfish, Yuri — Bratok, Iskra — Whitechapel, and Ajax — Bouncer will get you the crime boss himself.

New Skins : CODM Season 1 Heist

  1. Rytec AMR — Master Plan
  2. Man-O-War —Sterling Ace
  3. PKM — Gilded Lion 

Activision will bring many more new skins and content this season. To sum up, the Nuketown Temple and Hacienda will make the season a lot more exciting.

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