CODM Season 5

CODM Season 5 to Introduce a New Perk: Gung-Ho

Activision has revealed the CODM Season 5: In Deep Water. It will offer new features to the game, such as the Gung-Ho perk. The new season also introduces new maps, weaponry, and events.

CODM Season 5: New Perk

Before the fourth season of the game, fans got their first look at the Gung-Ho perk during a public test build. The perk is unlocked through a seasonal challenge, which will require players to complete many objectives.

(Image Cr: Activision)

When the Gung-Ho perk is active, players can sprint while hip-firing their weapon, throwing grenades, and changing ammo. 

With this benefit, the perk may easily become a part of many players’ loadouts.

CODM Season 5:

The fifth season will premiere on June 29 at 7 p.m. CT. It will also come with a new battle pass, which will cost 220 CP. 

Players must progress through 50 tiers of rewards by participating in multiplayer and battle royale battles.

New Maps:

  • Suldal Harbor
  • Docks
  • Aniyah Incursion

New Modes:

Cranked: Confirmed and Ground Mission, two new modes, will also be released in the fifth season. 

The former is a hybrid of Cranked and Kill Confirmed, in which players are eliminated if they don’t get a kill in a certain amount of time.

Ground Mission is similar to Domination, but with a 10-vs-10 game format and 

five capture points.

New Weapons:

The CR-56 AMAX and the 725 from Modern Warfare could be the weaponry. The former is an assault rifle, while the latter is a shotgun with two barrels. When it comes to CODM season 5, it will be the first of its type.

To summarise, the new season appears to be fascinating. Players are anticipating the release of new maps as well as the Battle Pass.

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